Nov 9, 2009

NURSING TEST TAKING STRATEGY X: Look for the Umbrella Options

Look for the Umbrella Options

A. When answering a question, if you note that more than one option appears to be correct, look for the umbrella option (also known as global option or comprehensive option).

B. The umbrella option is one that is general statement and may contain the ideas of the other options within it.

C. The umbrella option will be the correct answer.

PRACTICE QUESTION: Look for the Umbrella Option

A nurse in the emergency room receives a telephone call from an emergency medical service and is told that several victims who survived a plane crash and are suffering from cold exposure will be transported to the hospital. The initial nursing action of the emergency room nurse is which of the following?

1. Supply the trauma rooms with bottles of sterile water and normal saline.
2. Call the laundry apartment and ask the department to send as many warm blankets as possible to the emergency room.
3. Call the nursing supervisor to activate the emergency disaster plan.
4. Call the Intensive Care Unit to request that nurses be sent to the emergency room.

Answer: 3

Test-taking Strategy: Option 3 is the umbrella option. Activating the agency disaster plan will ensure that the interventions in options 1, 2, and 4 will occur. Remember the umbrella option embraces the ideas of other options within it.

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