Sep 4, 2008

Nursing Licensure Exam Answer Key

Nursing Board Exam Answer Key, courtesy of Sir Jungco, #2 topnotcher of 2006 Nurse Licensure Exam and a Merg reviewer.

Dec. 06 NP1
Dec. 06 NP2
Dec. 06 NP3
Dec. 06 NP4
Dec. 06 NP5

June 07 NP1
June 07 NP2
June 07 NP3
June 07 NP4
June 07 NP5

Dec. 07 NP1


Chris said...

I am just wondering ... how reliable is your answer keys on the previous board exam questions ?

Do you have other answer keys of previous years ?


krazy said...

Do you have the June & Nov. 2009 answer keys? The June 2007 is won't open.